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About us

FlyTech  Consists of UAV squadron officers in the Air Force and senior members of the defense industry, with extensive experience and knowledge who are ready to address any need that may arise in the field.

FlyTech  It is a leading company in the field of training and flying services with the help of remotely manned aircraft, while maintaining three principles:
FlyTech   Specializes in providing advanced aerial solutions for its customers
As well as in their implementation and assimilation in security and civilian organizations.


FlyTech   Provides professional flight services for various needs. The company provides skimmer-based end technologies along with training and licensing services for skimmer operation.

And high quality service
Constant innovation
Uncompromising professionalism

Company management

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Eliran Oren
Partner and founder 

An officer and commander in the UAV squadrons of the Air Force, he led the process of establishing UAV squadrons. A leading source of knowledge in the field of UAVs

Eden Cinder
Chief Operating Officer

One of the founders of the company, the Air Force, is a source of knowledge in the field of civilian UAVs.  Has extensive experience in project management.

Yahav Price
VP of Academy

An officer, commander and flight instructor in the UAV squadrons, he led projects and R&D processes within the Air Force's weapons department. A source of knowledge in the field of tactical UAVs.

Yehuda Harush
VP of Marketing and Business Development

Has extensive experience in the field of marketing and sales, managed B2B and B2C marketing processes in business companies and high-tech companies. 

Our Customers

Some organizations and companies that use our services

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