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What can be done with a BVLOS license?

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The license will allow you to operate skimmers for flying beyond eye contact. Today there is a growing demand for tools that are remotely controlled with a BVLOS license in various and varied fields. You can work as an employee in companies that provide BVLOS flight services or develop independent activities and provide services to end customers

Flying beyond eye contact

The profession of the future

To register for the upcoming course

What is BVLOS ?

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BVLOS pilot license  The law also defines it as a domestic pilot license
Multi-blade licenses issued to date (in the various definitions) by RTA have only been issued for flying in eye contact. Now, the regulation makes it possible to address an urgent requirement that came from the area of flying beyond eye contact.  For missions far from the pilot using dedicated flight programming. The benefits to control  Remote clear and the option to issue a civil license that includes remote control is a real line for the entire skimmer market. 
(The proposed course is for a multi-blade pilot beyond eye contact).

Within three to five months
You have a BVLOS pilot license in hand

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The practical part?
The theoretical part?
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The theoretical part consists of six theory tests:
The practical part consists of 40 hours of flying  Each sortie is accompanied by pre-flight and post-flight debriefing. The total practical part lasts between a month and a half  For three months.
1.   meteorology
2.   General technical knowledge
3.  Human performance
4. UAV constitution
5. Aerial navigation
6. RT

Want you with us in the family!

You are also arranged for a job and you also receive a monthly bonus of NIS 2,000

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Playtech itself will recruit from among the course graduates about five BVLOS pilots for its current work.
We will direct our student to companies that deal with flying beyond eye contact.
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Who accompanies me throughout the process?

Each trainee is assigned a client portfolio manager who accompanies the trainee throughout the course process, the personal manager is attentive to the trainee's needs and monitors the pace of his progress in the course.

Who is my guide?

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The guide is a licensed paramedic with a BVLOS pilot license
Mets UAV in active duty in the Air Force

Where is the training taking place?

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The practical training will take place in the Latrun area
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המסלול שלך למצוינות

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Practical test

Study tests

Study and practice

Sign up for a course

רחפן עף ברקע שמיים

If I have a pilot's license
Does it shorten the process for me?

Holders of a permanent wing pilot license will be able to accumulate fewer flying hours i.e. 20 hours instead of 40 hours

Are there admission requirements for the course
Or are opening conditions required?

The absence of a criminal record and good health is required
Preferably: English at a good level, and access to technological applications 
לוגו flytech

Why should you study at Playtech?

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קו כחול

1. Playtech has the leading school in training multi-blade pilots.
2. Playtech has so far trained hundreds of pilots with various license definitions.
3. Playtech 's school is the only one with the permit to train BVLOS pilots.

The next course will open on 20/3

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Want to get started

Thank you very much for your request! We will get back to you as soon as possible

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You can contact us at: 02-6224492 or send an email to: and we will get back to you 
* Playtech does not undertake to provide work for course graduates * Prices do not include VAT
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