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Mapping and measurement solutions

  FlyTech works in partnership with leading measurement companies and organizations.
We have all the required experience in the field of mapping and measurement starting from the flying stage

Until processing and final product

Our uniqueness is the coverage of large areas in one outing using a fixed wing UAV (VTOL) in our exclusive import

FlyTech uses highly innovative UAVs and cameras to achieve quality products in the mapping industry



Advanced programming


Calculation of volumes


Calculation of volumes

רחפן מיפוי ומדידה

Cloud dots


UAV with advanced features - Trinity

Simple and easy to operate

The Trinity comes with a simple and convenient operating system. A push of a button is enough to send the UAV to an autonomous mission including returning to takeoff. The manual operation of the Trinity is also easy, simple and convenient.

VTOL - a fixed wing system with the ability to take off and land vertically

Trinity has a combination of fixed wings and blades. This technology allows for vertical takeoff and landing without the need for a landing pad and at the same time the stay time of the UAV is particularly long.  

A time that was long in the air

After takeoff, the Trinity uses aerodynamic capability thanks to its fixed wings. This capability allows for long-haul flight. The geometry of the wing is optimized to produce  Maximum flight time of at least 60 minutes with a total load of 0.5 kg. Based on these key data, up to 1200 dunams can be covered in one flight with the Trinity!

Precise sensors enable high quality products

Sensor results and excellent data

The sensor compartment is protected from shocks and the SD cards are accessible from the outside. The sensors are powered by the Trinity battery and accurate geotagging is achieved by measuring the exact trigger point using power consumption. The combination of hardware and software ensures perfect results with maximum accuracy.


The type of data you are looking to collect and analyze will determine the sensor required for the Trinity payloads.

Every payload option for the Trinity includes the payload compartment with a payload management board (PMB) for autopilot controlled triggering and geo-tagging.
Shock absorbers increase the data quality even more!


The PMB connects the sensors to the autopilot and battery. In addition it serves as a data logger by monitoring the actual power consumption of the sensors which enables us to mix and match each trigger point with the necessary flight data.


Flight range calculation - weight and distance

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