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JCT grads win government contract that could transform delivery industry

FlyTech, a company co-founded by Jerusalem College of Technology graduates Moshe Lugasi and Eliran Oren that develops cutting-edge air-related technology recently won a government contract to participate in a pilot program that uses drones with the goal of shortening delivery times and reducing traffic on Israel's roads.

The pilot program, which is expected to last two years and will be carried out in collaboration with the Israel Innovation Authority in the Prime Minister's Office, will involve flying drones over farmland in the Hadera area, and then in Haifa, before expanding to other cities.

Two other Israeli companies, Airwayz and SkyLink, partnered with FlyTech to create an entity called "Safe" that will conduct the trial of the drone delivery system.

Lugasi and Oren credit JCT with helping them develop the key connections in the drone industry that made their venture a reality: "We estimate that the product developed in the drone pilot program will be on the market in the coming years. It could transform the delivery industry, as it is expected to replace trucks and make deliveries from logistics centers," Oren said.


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