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רחפן שמצלם פאנלים סולארים

The skimmers that help you design solar systems

3D modeling and measuring roofs using skimmers.

Allows you to perform accurate layout planning quickly and conveniently


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תיקון ובדיקות

Repair and inspection 

Maintenance of solar panels

A combination of good climate and sun most of the year helps Israel to be a key point in the solar field. The government gives incentives to private entities to develop solar technologies and therefore the number of entities increases from year to year
It is very important to take care of the maintenance of the panels. In order for them to generate the desired amount of electricity and the amount of profit,
Care must be taken to clean the system from the accumulation of dust, soot and branches, etc. These things can damage the panels and reduce the output by up to 30%. 
To prevent the accumulation of dirt,
Currently the option of checking the maintenance of the panels is done using a skimmer,
This saves time and large resources, and makes the user save thousands of shekels,
פיענוח תוצרים

Decoding products

זיהוי תקלות


Fault detection in solar panels

זיהוי תקלות פאנילים סולארים
מדידיה של גג

Design of a solar system horseshoe

Proper design of solar systems  Can bring great effectiveness,
Mapping the area and its utilization, can save unnecessary money and time utilization, the layout system works in the form of inspecting the area using a skimmer, deciphering the products, building the model and performing the placement,
And thus save energy and resources,
Planning is a significant factor for building a successful project,
Because each plot has different conditions and challenges,
Therefore the work should be carried out to the best standards. 

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