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Two-Year Pilot Positions Israel As Drone Delivery Force

An Israeli company that develops cutting-edge air-related technology is working to make this a reality. The Jerusalem-based firm, FlyTech, recently won a contract with the local authority to be part of a two-year pilot program that will use drones to deliver goods, like coffee, and reduce traffic on Israel’s roads..

The startup was founded in 2017 by Moshe Lugasi and Eliran Oren, graduates of The Jerusalem College For Technology (JCT), who are also former Air Force officers with experience dealing with UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) squadrons. The two met while studying business administration at JCT and participated in the LevTech Entrepreneurship Center’s LAB pre-accelerator program. They credit their experience in the army and their time at the college with helping to move their company forward and continue to base their offices on campus.

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