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The Aerial Photography School

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קורס מטיס פנים. רב להב/כנף

הטסה ללא גבולות ומעבר לקשר עין

הקורס המלא כולל גישה למחולל המבחנים המורחב שלנו.

בסיום הקורס ולאחר הצלחה במבחנים העיוניים והמבחן המעשי של רת"א.

תוכלו להחזיק בהיתר מטיס פנים Bvlos

Aerial Photography of Nature

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 You will be impressed by what is offered in our courses

Students Tell

 We have received numerous messages and stories from this field acknowledging the positives of their exper

"Playtech fully accompanies the Nature and Parks Authority with pilot training, ongoing consulting, and the provision of air tools. All at the highest professional level and with dedicated service. Thank you!"

Shmulik Pinsker, R. Technology and Innovation Liaison Division, RTG

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Nature and Parks Authority
ZKA organization

"I was surprised to discover a team with in-depth knowledge of the subject. We were given tools for proper and safe flying above and beyond what is required by law. The staff is available for questions and help even after the course and obtaining the license."

Tzachi Ben Avi, director of A. Epstein

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MTB measurements

"To the FlyTech team! Thank you for the dedicated accompaniment, from the first moment
Until receiving the licenses to fly a glider "

Avi Goldreich, owner - MTB Measurements

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ZKA organization

"The experience was very pleasant, the course was delivered in a very professional and matter-of-fact manner.  I really enjoyed the form of instruction. Not on the FlyTech IL team "

Zvi Sand, the air unit - ZKA

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